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Behavior Services


The Jacob’s Ladder Model utilizes Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, as well as Self-Regulation Intervention techniques to change undesired behavior and emotional patterns, in order to develop a strong foundation of personal responsibility.

Our Behavior Team is comprised of behavior interventionists and Licensed Social Workers, along with staff trained in Dialectical and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist where needed. Another is certified in Crisis Prevention Intervention, and is qualified to train and support staff should a behavior crisis occur.

We incorporate our neurodevelopmental approach into the behavior model by recognizing the importance of building a strong foundation at each area of brain function. By continuing to address core foundational issues with a specific, targeted plan, and then implementing that plan with a positive, supportive, relationship-oriented model, ultimately there will be the best chance of producing lasting change.

For some children, a strong emphasis must be placed on their emotional or behavioral needs before focusing on other areas of development. If the foundational neurological development has not been laid, then the brain will not be wired with the appropriate connections for executive functioning to occur. When assessing a child’s current level of functioning, areas of behavior are identified and evaluated that are then addressed with proactive strategies and individualized behavior plans. Based on level of need and intervention, Jacob’s Ladder can provide an individualized behavior plan that can be implemented both during programming or with in-home modeling and support.