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Emotional & Behavioral


Addressing undesired behaviors first and foremost begins with modeling appropriate behaviors. We recognize our impact on the people around us. We know that if we can embody what we are asking our students to be and do, we’ll have a better chance of success, and we have incorporated that belief into our core values.

"The beat of the heart resides in each cell and is controlled within the heart by a pacemaker. Individual heart cells in a Petri dish will beat at their own rhythm until they come into close proximity with another cell. They begin to beat in unison or synchrony with each other, without any kind of intervention from the brain."

Joseph Chitton Pearce,
Evolution's End: Claiming the Potential of our Intelligence

Jacob's Ladder's Behavioral Services is comprised of a team of professionals including Licensed Professional Counselors, School Psychologists, Certified Crisis Prevention Intervention Specialists, and Certified Teachers. As a team, we provide support to families and all providers to ensure optimal success in all educational and home settings.

If undesired behavior is a primary concern, the Behavioral Services Team conducts a Functional Behavior Assessment and works with the family to develop a comprehensive Behavior Intervention Plan. Individualized Behavior Plans outline targeted goals and objectives to extinguish and/or decrease undesired behaviors that impede overall daily functioning. The Behavior Team work closely with the family and all providers throughout the execution of the behavior plan, monitor daily output and make changes as needed. Our goal is to ensure that all providers and family members are consistently implementing strategies that will result in optimal functioning across settings.

At Jacob's Ladder, we know that children must feel supported to be successful and that one genuine positive reinforcement is more beneficial than 16 negative reinforcements.

We incorporate our neurodevelopmental approach into the behavior model by recognizing the importance of building a strong foundation at each level of brain function, including foundational brain-stem and mid-brain function. Through activities that bridge and balance left and right hemisphere function, we work to build strength at every level so that students are set up to succeed rather than to fail in self-regulating their emotions and behaviors.

We know that by continuing to address foundational core issues with a specific, targeted plan and then implementing that plan within a positive, supportive, relationship-oriented model, we'll ultimately have the best chance of success in producing lasting change.