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You can give to Jacob's Ladder in several ways:

Donate using our secure online form.

Sending in cash or check to:

Jacob's Ladder,
407 Hardscrabble Rd
Roswell, GA 30075

Gifting stock, which may have additional tax advantages for you. Please give this information to your broker:

Jacob's Ladder Center
Tax ID#582405137
Edward Jones
Account #: 157-17524

DTC Code: 0057

You can also take advantage of the GOAL Scholarship Program.

georgia-goal-program.jpgThe Georgia Private School Tax Credit law allows eligible private citizens and corporations to receive tax credits for donations to Georgia Student Scholarship Organizations (SSOs). Through tax credit, the amount you donate is deducted from state taxes you owe. If you paid state taxes throughout the year, the amount donated is deducted from your refund. This is a great way to redirect a portion of the taxes you already owe the state to support school scholarships.

Through this program, Georgia state taxpayers can redirect a portion of their state taxes to Jacob's Ladder - up to $2,500 if married filing jointly, or $1,000 if filing individually. C-Corporations can contribute up to 75% of their corporate tax liability and receive that amount as a dollar-for-dollar credit on Georgia taxes.

In addition to a state tax credit, your redirected taxes can be claimed as a charitable contribution deduction on your federal taxes.

It's easy to participate! All of the details, directions, and forms are on their website.

Pledge Payments

Another gift option is to make a pledge now and pay it at a later date or in a series of installments. The donor can specify when he or she would like to be reminded to pay the pledge.

Matching Gifts

Many companies offer programs that match the contributions of their employees to non-profit organizations. Please contact your Human Resources Department to learn more about your company's matching gift policy.

Planned Giving

Our Planned Giving opportunities provide general and endowment support to JL through individuals' will, life insurance and/or retirement account designation and other deferred gifts.

Stock Gifts

Donors are discovering the ease and added benefits of giving gifts of appreciated securities. Often giving a gift of stock will create a significant tax savings for the donor. A wire transfer is the easiest way to make a gift of stock. To donate stock to Jacob's Ladder, give this information to your broker:

Mike Rudio, Financial Advisor
Tax ID #58-2405137
Edward Jones Account #157-17524
DTC Code: 0057

Professional Advisors

As a professional advisor, you build your client relationships on trust and mutual respect. The same is true for our relationships with our friends and donors. We understand that financial, philanthropic, and estate goals are unique to the individual. For this reason, we believe that charitable planning is a process that ideally involves the donor, professional advisor, and our planned giving staff - all working together to arrange the best gift possible. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in helping your clients identify beneficial ways to support JL's charitable not-for-profit mission.

Student Sponsorship

Jacob's Ladder is looking for Individual and Corporate Sponsors to provide financial support to students with neurodevelopmental delays, such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other learning disabilities so they can receive the care they need. Our goal is to raise $2,000,000 to establish a scholarship fund to assist already struggling families. The unwavering support of individual and corporate sponsors has kept the fires of hope alive for so many families, and for this we remain forever grateful. However, there are so many families who truly still need help. Your generous contribution to our Scholarship Fund will not only keep the embers of hope alive for these families, but also fan them into flames that will give each the courage and power to help unlock their child’s full potential. You will help to reaffirm that although the path may be challenging, it is traversable, step by step.

Gift Information

With gifts at the following levels Jacob's Ladder can provide:

  • $30,000-50,000 Full Scholarship for Full Time School
  • $15,000-20,000 Partial Scholarship for Full Time School
  • $10,000 Full Scholarship for Part Time Therapy
  • $5,000 One Month Tuition
  • $3,000 One Initial Evaluation
  • $1,000 One Re-Evaluation
  • $500 Additional Services
  • $100 Student Supplies

Please visit our secure online donation form to make an donation towards Student Sponsorship!

Shop for Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder participates in programs with several companies that donate money and gifts to the school based on our community's support of their products and services. Some of our participating companies include: Target Red Card: Take Charge of Education, Box Tops for Education, Publix Partners, Amazon Smile, My Coke Rewards. Visit our online Hope.Truth.Love. Store to purchase personalized JL merchandise made by our very own staff, students & families.